Community Collaboration

Through cooperation and partnerships, resources are maximized, and organizations and communities are enriched. The Community Collaboration Pathway leads to increased resources for individual and community success.

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Community Collaboration

Customer Impacts (fiscal year 2018-19)

  • 71 individuals achieved and maintained capacity to meet basic needs for 90 days.
  • STEP worked with 693 partners to eliminate service gaps and duplication.
  • 60 individuals engaged with Community Action reported improved financial wellbeing.
  • 76 participants increased skills, knowledge, and abilities allowing them to work with Community Action to improve conditions in their communities.
  • 47 AmeriCorps members completed their term of service and received an Education Award.
  • 21,204 referrals were made to STEP programs and external partners to connect customers with the services they need.

Success Story

Youth Enrichment for Success (YES)

A Family Navigator has been working with Macenzie since November 2016. Macenzie completed her senior year of high school in June 2015 with no clear direction of what she wanted to do after graduation. It was apparent that she had some issues with anxiety as well as limited community knowledge. The Family Navigator began working with Macenzie to develop employment skills including resume building and interviewing techniques. With a little guidance, Macenzie quickly developed the necessary skills for employment readiness.

Macenzie expressed an interest in working with animals and possibly working towards a degree in the veterinary field. The Family Navigator worked with Macenzie to complete an application for the Lycoming Animal Protection Society (LAPS), contacted the volunteer coordinator, and set up a date for Macenzie to begin her career exploration.

The Family Navigator received reports from Macenzie’s volunteer coordinator that she did a great job and that she was very helpful. Macenzie continued to develop essential employment skills at LAPS and recently interviewed and accepted a paid work position at the local YWCA Boutique.