STEP General Endowment Fund

In 2016, to celebrate STEP’s 50th Anniversary Year and to ensure another 50 years of partnerships, STEP established the STEP General Endowment.

This permanent endowment generates income each year that is able to support any of STEP’s Pathways to Success. The fund is professionally managed through the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania to ensure that assets remain strong over time.

The STEP General Endowment:

  • Provides stability
  • Grows over time
  • Is a permanent source of funding
  • Facilitates strategic planning
  • Creates an avenue for additional support
  • Allows vital programs to continue on a long-term basis
  • Furthers the mission of STEP
  • Supports community, family, and individual initiatives to foster self-sufficiency

The STEP General Endowment allows the continuation of programs that improve the self-sufficiency of individuals, address the needs of whole families, and positively affect the conditions in which our customers live, thereby elevating entire communities.
As a community action agency, STEP receives public and private funding, but the needs of our customers always surpass the available funding. The STEP General Endowment will help us bridge those gaps and provide vital services. It will also allow STEP to adapt and better weather upheavals, taking a pro-active stance to ensure another 50 years of service to the community.
To support the STEP General Endowment Fund, please make your check payable to:
STEP General Endowment
STEP, Inc.
2138 Lincoln Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
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