Housing Assistance Gap Funding Program

Purpose: The Housing Assistance Gap Funding Program provides eligible flood victims with the (gap) funding necessary to access temporary housing in hotels or apartments in Lycoming County, while they are searching for permanent housing, or working to rehabilitate their flood-damaged homes. This program pays the difference between the payment FEMA provides to flood victims for temporary housing and the actual rates in Lycoming County.

Program Overview – As part of STEP’s Housing Options Pathway, The GAP Funding program provides_funding to allow flood victims to secure stable temporary housing in either hotels or affordable apartments until permanent housing can be found or homes can be repaired.
The program coincides with FEMA’s time frame for housing assistance, which for homeowners and renters alike is two months, with an option of extension for up to 18 months after displacement.

STEP assigns a Housing Counseling Specialist to the program; if additional services are needed, such as housing counseling, financial education, case management, STEP refers the family/individual to existing in-house programs within their five pathways: Early Learning, Housing Options, Workforce Development, Community Collaboration, and Independent Living.

Eligible Applicants:   Homeowners or renters affected by flooding


  • FEMA registration #
  • Copy of the FEMA Individual Assistance (IA) letter
  • Documentation verifying hotel rate/rent needed to be paid (such as an invoice or lease)
  • Household Income Disclosure

Call 570-601-9509 for more information.