Housing Options

Individuals and families secure and maintain safe, affordable, and energy-efficient housing. The Housing Options Pathway leads to a safe and affordable home.

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Housing Options

Customer Impacts (fiscal year 2018-2019)

  • 208 households experienced increased health and safety due to home improvements.
  • 4,088 households improved energy efficiency and/or reduced their energy burden; 270 did so through weatherization.
  • 20households received code-compliance assistance through housing rehabilitation.
  • 28 households enrolled in a STEP program obtained safe and affordable housing for 180 days; 437 maintained safe and affordable housing.
  • 24 households avoided eviction or foreclosure.
  • 2,603 customers enrolled in utility assistance programs to reduce their monthly costs and cure arrearages.



Success Story

Nicole L. recently purchased her first home for her family. After two years of participation in the Family Savings Program, in which she participated in the pre-purchase workshops and budget counseling, she leveraged matched funds of $2000 to increase her buying ability.