Housing Options

Individuals and families secure and maintain safe, affordable, and energy-efficient housing. The Housing Options Pathway leads to a safe and affordable home.

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Housing Options

Customer Impacts (fiscal year 2017-2018)

  • 288 participants were able to maintain safe and affordable housing through STEP’s Housing Options Pathway.
  • 1,821 households seeking assistance for utilities were provided services through STEP’s Utilities Assistance programs. An additional 229 customers obtained a utility security deposit waiver.
  • 28 families removed handicap-accessibility barriers, code deficiencies, and/or safety issues, at an average of $13,497 per home.
  • 122 households were weatherized for social benefits (employment, home quality, economic stimulation, reduced uncollected debt, improved heath and safety) of $529,178 and $697,698 in energyrelated savings.
  • 433 energy efficiency kits with a value of $43,300 were distributed to help customers reduce their energy consumtption.
  • Approximately $1,184,239 leveraged by PPL & UGI for utilities assistance.



Success Story

Nicole L. recently purchased her first home for her family. After two years of participation in the Family Savings Program, in which she participated in the pre-purchase workshops and budget counseling, she leveraged matched funds of $2000 to increase her buying ability.