Work Ready

Purpose: STEP’s Work Ready assists individuals through employment and training opportunities that lead to improved life styles and economic success.

Vision: To assist individuals in overcoming barriers to success and developing skills that will prepare them for economic success through employment.

Program Overview – STEP's Work Ready Program assists individuals who are referred by the County Assistance Office. The objective of the program is to assist individuals with stabilizing their barriers to success and with developing skills that prepare them for employment.

The program offers successful employment and personal skills development opportunities to help individuals improve their ability to "earn, keep, and grow" a steady family-supporting income.

Once potential employees are armed with important employment tools and skills, they are prepared to be successfully matched with potential employers. Customers are provided with case management and referred to other services such as skill and behavior assessment, support groups, life skills, GED instruction, counseling, substance abuse treatment, and others. These are services that will help them both attain and retain employment and develop the capacity to earn a life-sustaining income.

Benchmarks of Success

  • Individuals transition to a steady income job that will support the family.
  • Individual will grow personally and develop a higher level of skills, increasing their ability to find employment.
  • Individuals overcome life barriers that hinder their ability to search for, find, be hired and maintain life-sustaining employment.
  • Individuals learn behaviors to maintain life-sustaining employment and economic success.
  • Individuals manage their resources in order to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle.