Workforce Development

Individuals overcome barriers to obtain or maintain employment and achieve self-sufficiency. The Workforce Development Pathway leads to employment and self-support for individuals, and economic success for the community.

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Workforce Development

Customer Impacts (fiscal year 2015-16)

  • 198 unemployed individuals enrolled in Workforce Development Pathway programs
  • 1,002 of the 1,016 parents (either employed or attending school) seeking child care information were able to enroll their child in before- or after-school programs.
  • Of the 996 employed parents seeking care for a child or dependent, 974 obtained services through STEP’s Workforce Development Pathway, specifically Child Care Information Services’ (CCIS) Child Care Subsidy Program.



Success Stories

Family Navigation - Work Ready

Nancy was referred to the Work Ready program by her County Assistance Office caseworker in March 2015 with many barriers to employment. She has a history of mental health issues including diagnoses of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, social anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Bi-Polar Disorder. Nancy, at the age of 36, had only completed the 9th grade. For years she has felt “stupid” and “worthless.” Nancy lacked the confidence she needed to study for her GED. She had looked for work but could not find anything she qualified for, feeling like more of a “failure.” With the encouragement of her Family Navigator, Nancy applied for a volunteer position at a women’s center. Following a meeting with the volunteer coordinator, Nancy was offered an opportunity to train for a position as an advocate for victims of domestic violence. Nancy finally felt that she had found her niche, as she herself lived firsthand with domestic violence. Nancy was responsible for completing an on-line program consisting of 12 courses. She has successfully fulfilled these training requirements and received certificates for each module completed. This accomplishment has greatly improved Nancy’s self-esteem and self-worth giving her motivation and determination to move forward to complete an additional 40 hours of training. She is excited for this opportunity and is looking forward to developing skills to be successful in this position.

Child Care Information Services (CCIS) – Jim Plankenhorn
I have spoken with many of our CCIS customers over the  past few weeks.  What I have heard from everyone is that subsidized child care has a huge impact on their lives.  They communicated to me very clearly that if it were not for this program, they would run the risk of losing their employment and, subsequently, their homes.