Workforce Development

Individuals overcome barriers to obtain or maintain employment and achieve self-sufficiency. The Workforce Development Pathway leads to employment and self-support for individuals, and economic success for the community.

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Workforce Development

Customer Impacts (fiscal year 2018-19)

  • 69 unemployed youth obtained employment.
  • 116 adults obtained employment below a living wage; 40 at or above a living wage.
  • 28 employed participants increased benefits.
  • 38 employed participants in a career-advancing program increased income through wage or salary improvement.
  • 169 individuals obtained or kept employment by accessing reliable transportation options.


Success Stories

Family Navigation - Work Ready
*Ms. Smith enrolled in the Work Ready program on April 18, 2016. She is a single mom who was homeless and living in a local shelter. She had been mandated by the courts to complete intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment. Ms. Smith relapsed and was jailed for 90 days. Upon her release, she was required to complete an additional 112 hours of community service. With the cooperation of a local church, she was able to do that and maintain her court-appointed counseling sessions. Through cooperation between STEP’s Work Ready program and adult probation, Ms. Smith completed her community service hours and was permitted to start on her required Work Ready programs. Ms. Smith began her Work Ready hours at a local business on September 26, 2016. The manager at the business was so impressed by Ms. Smith’s work ethic that she offered her permanent employment on October 13, 2016, and provided accomodations regarding Ms. Smith’s continued drug and alcohol treatment. On October 14, 2016, Ms. Smith began her job while continuing to maintain her sobriety. This customer has been enrolled in STEP’s Work Ready program in the past but had not accepted responsibility for making the necessary changes to move herself forward. Each time Ms. Smith enrolled in Work Ready, a foundation for lasting change began coming together. Ms. Smith turned the corner and is achieving her goals.

*Name has been changed for confidentiality.

Child Care Information Services (CCIS) – Jim Plankenhorn
I have spoken with many of our CCIS customers over the  past few weeks.  What I have heard from everyone is that subsidized child care has a huge impact on their lives.  They communicated to me very clearly that if it were not for this program, they would run the risk of losing their employment and, subsequently, their homes.