Early Learning

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High-quality early learning experiences provided by skilled professionals, in partnership with parents and communities, prepare children for success in school and in life. The Early Learning Pathway leads to success in school and life.

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Child Development & Early Learning

Customer Impacts (fiscal year 2015-16)

  • 1,424 infants & children obtained age-appropriate immunizations, and medical and dental care.
  • 1,441 infants and children gained health and physical development improvements as a result of adequate nutrition.
  • 1,272 children participated in preschool activities to develop school readiness skills.
  • 555 children participated in preschool activities that prepare them developmentally for entering kindergarten or first grade.

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Success Story

Head Start and Early Head Start have been a window of opportunity for me and my family for the past 18 months.  My son, Aidan, attends St. John's # 2 Head Start.  Miss Amanda, Miss Carly, and Miss Stephanie are all so loving and wonderful!  My younger son, Bryson, is also involved with Early Head Start.  His teacher, Miss Heather, is enthusiastic and loves visiting and watching him meet growth and milestone achievements. I give each of them loads of credit for what they do every day in our children's lives.  When each of my sons was accepted into the wonderful Head Start program, I was recruited to serve on Policy Council for Lycoming County.  This committee has changed my life forever!  I was extremely apprehensive about joining the committee due to my fear of inadequacy and hesitation with speaking in public.  After serving on Policy Council for a year, I was elected to serve on the STEP Board of Directors representing the low-income sector of Lycoming County.  I am still slightly nervous attending board meetings but definitely more comfortable stepping outside my comfort zone.  My children love the HS and EHS programs but this testimony regards me as a parent.  Policy Council gave me the opportunity to attend an Early Childhood Education Summit at Penn State University in November 2011 where I learned lots of exciting and valuable information.  I am very grateful that I was able to participate.  Attending that conference opened doors for me to my future.  It contributed to my desire to continue my education.  Last month, I applied at Penn State World Campus in hopes of pursuing my Bachelor’s degree.  I am proud to say that I have been accepted and am eager to start this incredible journey of the next chapter of my life!  The Head Start Program has been a positive influence on me and my family!  Thank you so much for everything you do!



STEP is an equal opportunity USDA provider