Early Learning

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High-quality early learning experiences provided by skilled professionals, in partnership with parents and communities, prepare children for success in school and in life. The Early Learning Pathway leads to success in school and life.

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Child Development & Early Learning

Customer Impacts (fiscal year 2016-17)

  • 1,800 infants and children obtained age-appropriate immunizations and medical and dental care.
  • 1,845 infants and children gained health and physical development improvements as a result of adequate nutrition.
  • 1,469 children participated in preschool activities to develop school readiness skills.
  • 721 children participated in preschool activities that prepare them developmentally for entering kindergarten or first grade.
  • 900 parents and other adults have learned and now exhibit improved parenting skills.
  • 513 families were connected to services.
  • 201 children with disabilities or who required special services were enrolled.
  • 418 children are up-to-date on age-appropriate preventative/primary care.
  • 473 children were provided with continuous accessible dental care.
  • 546 children received dental exams.
  • 149 children were in need of dental treatments; 98 received treatment.
  • 527 family partnerships were established with caregivers.

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Success Story

All children enrolled in STEP Head Start have their vision screened annually by our Family Advocates and Home Visitors using our vision spot screeners. Our vision screeners have been very successful at identifying children's vision concerns. STEP Head Start has screened 701 preschool and Early Head Start children's vision this year. 93 children were referred to an eye professional for follow-up, 51 children have been prescribed glasses, 1 child is receiving patch therapy, and 7 children are being monitored by eye specialists and have follow-up appointments. As a result of STEP Head Start's Mobile Dentist program, 116 children were seen by a dentist for examination, cleaning, and x-rays. 32 children required restorative care from a pediatric dentist.



STEP is an equal opportunity USDA provider

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