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Workforce Development

Employment and self-support for individuals, and economic success for the community.


Employment Transportation Assistance

To complete an Eligibility Application for the Employment Transportation Assistance Program, click here to download the form-fillable pdf.

Purpose: To assist and transport eligible participants transitioning from unemployment/under-employment into self-sustaining employment. 

Vision: Individuals overcome transportation barriers, allowing them to successfully obtain and retain employment and develop the capacity to earn a life-sustaining income.

Program Overview – As part of STEP’S Workforce Development Pathway, the Employment Transportation Program utilizes existing transportation assistance systems and case management to assist participants in obtaining and retaining employment.  Transportation subsidy assistance is provided on a gradually declining basis as participants achieve longevity in their employment and have the opportunity to develop self-sufficient means of transportation.

The program utilizes already existing coordination structures among the River Valley Transit public transportation system and STEP’s Shared-Ride system to provide the most cost-effective means of transportation assistance. Transitional transportation assistance is available through bus passes, shared-ride transportation, mileage reimbursement, and child care transportation. Participants are limited to receiving benefits for a maximum of one year or the program limit of $8,000 in benefits.

Benchmarks of Success
  • Individuals overcome transportation barriers that hinder their ability to accept and maintain life-sustaining employment.
  • Individuals develop a knowledge of cost-effective transportation options.
  • Individuals manage their resources in order to establish a plan for self-sufficient employment transportation.

Don't know if you qualify?

Do you work at least 20 hours a week? Do you have legal guardianship or primary custody of minor children in your home?  If you answered YES to both of these questions, you may qualify.

Use the Fillable Form to complete your Employment Transportation Assistance Program application! 

For more information or help, call STEP at (570) 326-0587. You can also download a printable version.

Customer Impacts

  • 8 unemployed youth obtained employment.
  • 38 adults obtained employment below a living wage; 12 at or above a living wage.
  • 12 employed participants increased benefits.
  • 13 employed participants in a career-advancement program increased income through wage or salary improvement.
  • 74 individuals obtained or kept employment by accessing reliable transportation options.

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Want To Learn More?

Download STEP's Employment Transportation Assistance Program  brochure for more information.