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Weatherization is a federally funded program designed to help eligible residents of Lycoming and Clinton Counties reduce their home energy costs.  Homeowners and renters are eligible.  Weatherization measures are performed on houses, apartments, and mobile homes.  An eligible client may be weatherized twice, but only once in the same dwelling.

Household Size 100% 200%
1 person $12,760 $25,520
2 people $17,240 $34,480
3 people $21,720 $43,440
4 people $26,200 $52,400
5 people $30,680 $61,360
6 people $35,160 $70,320
7 people $39,640 $79,280
8 people $44,120 $88,240
+ $4,480 $8,960

After a client is determined to be eligible, an Energy Auditor will visit the home. The Energy Auditor will inspect:

  1. The heating and water systems to insure that they are operating safely and efficiently. If minor heating or water system repairs or a clean and tune are needed, weatherization can usually provide the service. In the case of a heating system replacement, there are a limited amount of funds available to assist homeowners on a first-come first-serve basis. Weatherization does provide rental properties with heating system repairs when possible, but does not assist landlords with heating system replacements.
  2. The dwelling will be visually inspected and sophisticated equipment will be used to determine air leakage into the home.

Upon the completion of an estimate, the Energy Auditor will review it with the Director of the Program to determine what type of measures need to be performed.  This determination is based on two criteria:

  1. the results of the air infiltration test performed during the estimate; and
  2. the visual inspection by the Energy Auditor. The job will be classified as either a LOW or FULL Cost job.

Low cost jobs are usually homes that are "tight" in terms of air infiltration or heat loss. Energy costs are reasonable compared to the square footage of heated living area and the number of occupants.  These jobs will receive the following:

  • Inspection of the heating and water systems.
  • Water conservation measures such as wrapping the hot water heater and pipes, the installation of low flow shower head and faucet aerators
  • Client energy education.

Full cost jobs will receive measures which are called for by the Energy Auditor and approved by the Director. Measures may include the following:

  1. Inspection of the heating and water systems.
  2. Sealing structural bypasses which stop heat loss.
  3. Water conservation measures.
  4. Attic insulation and ventilation.
  5. Wall, basement, or floor insulation.
  6. Weather-stripping of doors and windows.
  7. General airsealing measures.

Measures are approved based on the current funding available, those which will have the greatest air infiltration reduction, and based on directives and priority lists provided by the funding source.

Weatherization does not perform general carpentry or construction services. The program does not install or repair roofing, porches, etc. Storm doors are not installed and storm windows are installed on an extremely limited basis because they are costly items and do not save enough energy for a cost to savings investment.

Approved applicants are served on a first-come first-serve basis with priority given to  high energy users, senior citizens and the disabled. Once an applicant is approved, it can take six to ten months for the work to begin.

Don't know if you qualify?

Start the process here. For more information or help, call STEP at (570) 326-0587. You can also download a printable version.

Customer Impacts

  • 132 households experienced increased health and safety due to home improvements.
  • 5,727 households improved energy efficiency and/or reduced their energy burden; 35 did so through weatherization.
  • 31 households received code- compliance assistance through housing rehabilitation.
  • 36 households enrolled in a STEP program obtained safe and affordable housing for 180 days; 710 maintained safe and affordable housing.
  • 1,068 households avoided eviction or foreclosure.
  • 1,330 customers enrolled in utility assistance programs to reduce their monthly costs and cure arrearages.
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