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STEP Pathways

Housing Options

Pathway to a safe and affordable home.


Housing & Building Initiatives

Purpose – STEP Housing & Building Initiatives is dedicated to the development and improvement of residential housing, in partnership with families, neighborhoods and local government.

Vision – Together with families, neighborhoods and local government, sustainable, affordable, safe and renewable energy solutions are created that result in positive social, economic and community impact.

Program Overview – As part of the STEP Pathway of Housing Options, Housing & Building Initiatives offers residential housing rehabilitation, accessibility, and energy-efficient housing improvements to residents of Lycoming & Clinton Counties.  Through community collaboration and partnerships with county and local municipal governments, and a multitude of other non-profit organizations, the program leverages local, state and federal housing resources.  Staff members engage eligible homeowners in developing a plan to use identified resources for solutions that provide affordable, safe, accessible and energy-efficient housing improvements.

Housing & Building Initiatives plays an integral partnership role in housing rehabilitation and strategic and holistic community revitalization plans in both Lycoming and Clinton Counties, including the Main Street Program, Brownfields and Land Revitalization, and the PA Wilds Program.

Housing & Building Initiatives utilizes a highly trained staff with demonstrated design and construction management capabilities, and extensive training and field experience in rough and finish carpentry, masonry, plumbing, HVAC and energy conservation techniques.  Housing & Building Initiatives also engages and partners with private contractors to compliment the delivery of services.

Benchmarks of Success
  • Homes or rental properties realize an increase in property value as a result of rehabilitation and renovation services.
  • Families obtain or maintain affordable housing.
  • Homes or rental units meet building standards of quality as a result of rehabilitation and renovation services.

Don't know if you qualify?

Start the process here. For more information or help, call STEP at (570) 326-0587. You can also download a printable version.

Customer Impacts

  • 132 households experienced increased health and safety due to home improvements.
  • 5,727 households improved energy efficiency and/or reduced their energy burden; 35 did so through weatherization.
  • 31 households received code- compliance assistance through housing rehabilitation.
  • 36 households enrolled in a STEP program obtained safe and affordable housing for 180 days; 710 maintained safe and affordable housing.
  • 1,068 households avoided eviction or foreclosure.
  • 1,330 customers enrolled in utility assistance programs to reduce their monthly costs and cure arrearages.

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Customer Testimonial

I wanted to thank everyone responsible for all the home improvements done at my address. I am so grateful for all the hard work, effort, and time spent on my home. All the guys did a terrific job and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. Nice Work!

Renovate Right

This pamphlet provides basic facts about lead and information about lead safety when work is being done in your home.