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Workforce Development Endowment Fund

Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action (STEP), Inc. and the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania (FCFP) are pleased to announce the creation of the STEP Workforce Development Endowment Fund at FCFP. STEP created the fund with over $25,000 raised over the last two years as a permanent funding source. A portion of the fund’s investment income can be granted back to STEP in support of their programs and projects, while the fund’s principal will be protected for future charitable interest.

“The STEP Workforce Development Endowment is the last of six endowments we set out to create during and after STEP’s 50th anniversary in 2016. We are proud that we have created long term financial resources that, over time, will decrease our reliance on local, state, and federal funding,” said Jim Plankenhorn, President & CEO of STEP. “Fundraising for this final endowment was a challenge, as events were cancelled and we operated through COVID, but our staff, board of directors, and donors all pulled together to make it happen. We can now offer donors the chance to create a legacy for any pathway they are passionate about, or to contribute to the whole agency.”

Jason McCahan, FCFP Director of Philanthropy, added “We are honored to provide endowment services to STEP. Their six endowment funds total more than $600,000 and provide ongoing annual support to the organization’s mission in perpetuity.”

STEP’s mission since their founding in 1966 is to engage diverse individuals, families and communities in the pursuit of social and economic success. As a Community Action Agency, STEP strives to improve the lives and communities of people with low incomes. The STEP acronym stands for Success Through Engagement and Partnership.

Anyone wishing to create a fund to support their favorite nonprofit organization in perpetuity may do so by contacting FCFP at 570.321.1500. To inquire about making a donation to STEP’s endowment funds, you can contact STEP directly at 570.326.0587 or visit