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STEP Begins Assessing Community Needs

Every three years, STEP is required to gather a detailed picture of the needs and resources in their service area of Lycoming and Clinton counties. The regular study was last completed in 2021, so it is time to reach out to residents again as part of the Community Assessment.

The community survey, along with the partner survey that reaches other social service agencies is primarily available online. All surveys can be accessed at, and you can use a computer or mobile device to complete the survey.

“We want responses not just from STEP customers, but from everyone in our service area,” said Rachelle Abbott, STEP Chief Operations and Planning Officer. “We need the data to accurately reflect the makeup of our community.”

In addition to the surveys, focus groups of community representatives, consisting of 8-12 individuals with extensive experience in their respective topics, will discuss subject areas in greater depth. The groups will meet virtually this spring. STEP is also working with partners in both counties to maximize the impact and usefulness of the data being collected.“

The completed Community Assessment will be used to shape initiatives and funding strategies for not just STEP but for many other social service providers. An accurate, up-to-date Community Assessment allows organizations to pursue relevant funding, target programming toward documented community needs and, in some cases, to discontinue programs not supported by the assessment’s findings.

Any questions about the Community Assessment process can be directed to Jamey Williams at STEP, at or 570.601.9546.