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SHP Referral Partners

The Lycoming County Supportive Housing Program is intended to support previously self-sufficient Lycoming County residents, who may have either experienced a crisis or set back that with financial assistance and guidance will be back to being self-sufficient. Financial assistance for three- to eighteen- months is provided coupled with intense case management to ensure long-term sustainability of housing and improved quality of life.

Do refer to SHP if…
• They have an income or potential income capable of meeting monthly expenses once arrearages are current.
• They are at a minimum of one month behind on rent or mortgage.
• They were previously self-sufficient.
• They have had a recent crisis (accident, illness, loss of job) out of their control, etc.
• They have exhausted all other community resources (ARW, Salvation Army, CAO), etc.
• They are trying to escape domestic violence.
• They recently acquired custody of grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. AND CYS is involved.
• They are willing to pay rental arrears or eviction judgments.


Do not refer to SHP if…
• They are not a Lycoming County resident for at least a year.
• They have no income or only cash assistance.
• They have an eviction notice.
• They are not behind on their rent or mortgage.
• They owe $3,000 or more in arrearages.
• They are just trying to move out of parents’ home or to find a bigger place.
• They have not attempted to get help from any other agency prior to coming here.
• They have had multiple evictions.


If you have questions or need more clarity about the Lycoming County SHP, please contact Raelyn Jackson, STEP Service Navigation Director at 570-601-9545 or or Heather Bilbay, STEP Service Navigation Assistant Manager at 570-601-9674 or