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Whole-Home Repair Program funding is provided to income eligible county residents for homeowner occupied rehabilitation who reside within target areas (listed below). Applications are processed on a first come-first served basis.

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Income is based on HUD median income limits by county. 

Whole-Home Repair - Clinton Maximum 80% of Median for Clinton County
80% of Median Income for Clinton County $57,360
50% of Median Income for Clinton County $35,850

Program Stipulations:

  • Each program beneficiary could be eligible to receive up to a maximum allocation of $50,000 in program funds (amount received will be determined by the auditor’s inspection); and
  • The assistance will be in the form of a grant. Prior to improvements, the property owner will be required to participate in a pre-construction conference to discuss the scope of work, environmental issues, and to sign the construction agreement documentation;

Criteria to apply:

  • Property must be occupied by an income-eligible; and
  • Property must be the owner's principal residence; and
  • Taxes must be current; and
  • Property may not be in foreclosure, for sale, or put on the market for sale anytime during eligibility determination, acceptance into the program, or during renovations/work; and
  • Property owner must possess a deed, mortgage, or fee simple title.

Eligibility property types include:

  • Traditional single-family housing
  • Condominium unit

Priority will be given to these persons:

  • Those with yearly household incomes below 50% - see the above table
  • Seniors age 62 or older
  • Some types of rehab work that could be done: (all items must be a code issue as determined by the International and Residential Building Code):
  • Windows, doors, roofs, electrical, plumbing, heating systems, siding, etc., as determined by the auditor

Restrictions or non-eligible modifications include:

  • Additions to existing buildings
  • Rehabilitation of out buildings not attached to the home (sheds, garages, etc.)